About me

Every subject has a story to tell, an inherent spirit, which I strive to portray in my art work.


My favorite mediums are digital art, watercolor, ink, pencil, acrylic, oil, & photography.   I use a mixed media approach different than other artists, many times incorporating digital art in my compositions and designs which allows me to capture detail within my subject that is sometimes overlooked with more traditional styles of artistry.

Virtual Digital Paintings
Watercolor & Ink
Pen and Pencil
Acrylic & Oil

Susie (Sami) Myers

Artist & Photographer

Brandy and Georgi

My Helpers & Inspiration
I live in Northeast Ohio after traveling from coast to coast and living in both rural and metropolitan areas from Los Angeles to New York and of course the Midwest.  I am a third generation artist and have been painting since the early 1960s. I have always cared deeply about animals, both domestic and wild, and the preservation of endangered species, has always been a concern as well.  Most recently, I was involved in animal rescue work, finding homes for over 11,000 dogs and cats over the previous 12 years.  It’s only natural then, that I am drawn to animals and nature for my art subjects.

wolfkissingI have also explored the metaphysical  including creative imagination, Reiki, crystal healing, tai chi, feng shui and yoga and feel they add depth to my art as well. By creating an emotional connection for the viewer I hope my artwork will create concern and compassion for our natural world and its wild inhabitants, and help stimulate conservation efforts. The picture on the left is Nira, a wolf at Wolf Timbers, kissing me during a photo shoot.

My love of historic buildings and their conservation led me to doing the house portraits and my architectural works.  My children and grandchildren have enhanced my love for photographing and painting people portraits.  I have also enjoyed photographing several weddings and doing special paintings from them.  I am  very excited about completing the first level of SKPA (Special Kids Photography of America) accreditation training.  This adds yet another level to my artwork and has already given me great pleasure and a feeling of personal growth.

tiles and mugsI also have a giftshop with cafepress.com where many of my photos and paintings are decorating pillows, clocks, greeting cards, tiles, tshirts and more. My fine art prints are for sale online in Sami’s Art Shop.

I got the painting today and it is everything I wanted…I would use you again in a heartbeat.
I love the pictures!!!!
Jane & Wallace, Pet Portraits
Jane & Wallace
I just thought you might like to know that you and your art made some people feel very good today.  God bless you and keep you and all your kith and kin.
Julia Wiggins, House Portraits
Julia Wiggins
Keeley is now positioned behind me over my right shoulder as I sit for my client’s treatments. Although she has been there in my eyes for months now, it has now become a reality. What a presence she has.

Let Sami’s Art make a beautiful memory with a fine art painting of your photograph.